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Products - Panels for OEM users - Spray Driers

Following are the OEM application in which Control Systems Engineers have devoted many years in development

Spray drying is the transformation of feed from a fluid state into a dried particulate form by spraying feed into a hot drying medium.

Spray drying system consists of four process stages.
A) Atomization of feed into a spray.
B) Spray - Air contact
C) Drying of spray
D) Separation of dried product from the air.
The feed is pumped from the product feed tank to the Rotary Atomizer system which is located within a ceiling air disperser through which drying air enters the drying chamber. The air is drawn from atmosphere by a supply air blower and passed through an direct Hot Air Generator. As and when the drying air comes in contact with the spray, evaporation starts and dried powder particles falls to the base of the chamber. The exhaust air passed to the atmosphere via exhaust air blower and Wet scrubber. Adequate instrumentation is given for inlet temperature and outlet temperature, chamber pressure control, air damper controls for adjusting air flow rate and it will act as output of PID controller on a specified temperature depends on product properties. Vacuum levels are to monitored at various levels. Pressure transmitters are provided on feed line. Explosion control are provided as safety precaution. Alarm anounciator is provided for fault location. We supply MCC and instrument panel with rating and reputed make of electrical switch gears, instruments and accessories.
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